Copella has been a staple in many British households, and its apple juice is loved by many for its unique & recognisable refreshing taste. ​

However, the juice aisle had become increasingly crowded, hence why achieving differentiation became a strategic priority for the brand.


We were tasked with repositioning and redesigning Copella to create a more meaningful proposition and drive penetration, whilst staying true to the brand’s roots and loyal consumers. Rich insights generated from market, consumer and brand analysis led us to the creation of a strategy and identity centred around the symbolism of the humble Apple. ​


Putting the Apple at the heart of the brand inspired the refreshed brand strategy including the brand mission of ‘feel-goodness, taste-goodness and do-goodness’. ​

A vibrant new visual and verbal identity was created to emphasise Copella’s distinctive assets whilst refresh them by introducing modernity and playfulness to reflect the creative craftsmanship of being ‘The Apple Experts’.