Despite being the world’s number 1 condom brand, the Durex brand hadn’t evolved in the way consumers' attitudes to sex clearly had.

Suffering from a dated and confused look and feel across its products, the brand needed to inject warmth, fun and wit into its portfolio whilst also making it easier for consumers to find the product they needed.


Re-establish Durex’s iconic equity globally, whilst clearly communicating different product benefits across the range. The final packs should be targeted to a younger ‘Gen Z’ audience.


Our ‘Playfully provocative’ solutions for Originals and Thin Feel Range sit within the framework set out for the rest of the range. The System 1 visuals explain the product benefits in a second. The use of a ‘naughty’ neon sign and a cheeky feather illustrate the power of a thin condom in a sexy but not too explicit or sophisticated way that will appeal to Gen Z.