Refusing to compromise on taste, quality or nutrition, Savsé smoothies are never heated and never boiled so all the goodness is kept in just as if you had freshly made it yourself.

Costing more than other mainstream smoothie brands, Savsé found it hard to connect with shoppers and convince them to give their product a try.

Savsé needed to re-frame their brand position and clarify their core product truth for the consumer.

Our challenge was to bring Savseʼs point of difference to life in an increasingly crowded market.


Through consumer research, we learned that once the process of ‘cold pressing’ was explained to the consumer they clearly understood why Savsé does it better than the rest.

We decided to turn the ‘cold pressing’ claim on its head and use language that would instantly connect with the consumer.

Building on the differentiating claim of ‘Never Heated’, we worked with the Savsé team to build a compelling positioning, belief and purpose at the heart of their brand.


Using the ʻVʼ of the Savsé name, we developed an ownable and iconic funnel.

The creative solution, based around the idea of living a life crammed to the full, inspired a dynamic new brand world that includes a warm but natural photographic style, a bright and fresh colour palette and hand crafted illustrations.

The new identity was applied to packaging of raw juices, protein drinks and smoothies and extended across POS, print, digital and corporate applications.

The re-design marks a bold new step for the brand, bringing life to the new brand platform of ‘Never Compromise’.

Savsé never compromises on ingredients, production process, taste or nutrition, so consumers don’t have to either.